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William J. Weberding began carving around the age of six years old.  He was given some chisels and wood by his father while recuperating from an appendectomy and pneumonia.  He needed something to keep him busy and apparently he found the right solution.  His Dad had no idea this would turn into his son's life occupation.  He continued carving and honing his skills on his own and mostly for pleasure until the age of sixteen when he was hired as an apprentice at Romweber Furniture Company in Batesville, IN. 


William J. Weberding and the former Monica Dirks were married on June 18, 1940.  They lived in the house where Monica was born and she has lived on this property all of her life.  Bill lived about a quarter of a mile across the road from Monica.  When they were married, they lived with her dad and brother and eventually Bill bought the property which later became the location for Weberding's Carving Shop.


Bill continued to work at Romweber Furniture Company for nine or ten years.  He always had the desire to open his own business.  To accomplish this, he would work in the evenings at home and carve religious statues.  In his spare time, he would visit different parishes and show the priests his carvings and let them know what he could do for them.  He eventually started getting orders and his dream started to become a reality.


At the age of  25, he opened his Shop.  The year was 1942.  He started in a small building, just 10' x 12'.  He converted his barn into a workshop area, eventually adding machines, one at a time.  He hired people, at first part time, then full time to help him and Weberding's Carving Shop became a reality.


Through the years, Bill added on to his buildings a number of times, as the need occurred. He went from 120 sq. ft. in the beginning to 22,000 square feet today.  Bill continued to be successful.  Most of his customers heard about him from referrals.  He has always been known for the quality of his work.


Bill and Monica had five children, two girls and three boys.  The three sons joined their father in the business.  The business was incorporated in September of 1976.  Each of the boys brought their specialty to the family business. 


William G. is now the President of the Corporation.  He does the drawing and designing, estimating, works with the customers, visit sites, etc.  Terry is the Vice President of the Corporation.  He oversees all operations concerning our custom furniture.  He is a master cabinet and furniture maker, also does staining and finishing work.  Tim is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Corporation.  He is our master woodcarver.  He also repairs and repaints all statuary, does some designing and is our expert in staining and finishing.  The three brothers combined equal many talents and their years of experience show in their work. 


On September 29, 2005, William J. Weberding passed away with his family by his bedside.  He is sadly missed by his family and all involved at Weberding's Carving Shop, Inc.  Now his three sons are carrying on his legacy.


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